from by Aaron Trory



I wanted a change but i didn't know how
so I exuded negativity
it was my subconscious' way of getting it's way
I didn't realize until too late

I brought them down as i spazzed out
so they kicked me out of the band
it was for the best but i still felt bad
I learned from it in the end

but today
it's okay
it's allright

got hired by a band 'cause they dug my sound
but they didn't dig my ideas
they were kind of like Dave Matthews Band
I wanted to be like Nine Inch Nails

one night I watched Russell Brand interview
the Westboro Baptist Church
at some point during the interview
I decided to quit the band

but tonight
it's allright
it's okay

about three months is my shelf life
when I play in someone else's band
things get out of hand
it's more than I can stand

if I don't do something for myself
I can't do anything for anyone else
things tend to go to hell
if you're unhappy with yourself

might be just as well
that it's not possible to sell
yourself on second best
who you even trying to impress

it's not for everyone
if you're not having any fun
take it as it goes
just don't take off all your clothes


from Bored Yesterday, released January 15, 2016
Aaron Trory
Meghan Engel



all rights reserved


Aaron Trory Vancouver, British Columbia

Syrupy guitars, deep-fried in a batter of heartache, served with a side of 80s and 90s alternative rock influences.

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